Have you been looking for a fun and exciting poker room to spend your time grinding at? Have you been looking for a pond with tons of fish for you to prey on?

If this is the case then you need to check out Bodog Poker. Bodog poker has been around for a while on its own Bodog network and now is the time for you to sign up and start playing. When you create an account at Bodog Poker today you will receive a 110% up to $1,100 first time Bodog Poker deposit bonus!

This is one of the most incredible deposit bonuses in the online poker industry where you can earn a free $1,100 just for playing the game you love. So if you have good online poker focus, this is the deal for you.

Bodog Poker Software Review

Bodog has recently made a big change to their online poker software that has taken them leaps and bounds. The new software at Bodog Poker is now completely smooth with no down times. This means that there are never any interruptions to your game play. This incredibly smooth new software has also been said to be nice in preventing tilting at the poker room servers. Since you have no lag or disconnections to deal with you have no reason to get upset and tilt away your money!

The table design at Bodog is much different than most poker rooms as well. At Bodog you will always be seated at the center of the table so that it is easier to keep track of what is going on. There is also a “picture-in-picture” option which allows you to play up to 3 tables perfectly without any downsides. While this might not be the six to eight tables grinders are looking for, it is still nice to be able to multitable to get that huge deposit bonus!

Bodog Poker Promotions

Right now when you sign up for an account at Bodog you will receive a 110% on up to $1,100 first time deposit bonus. You read it right. Bodog is giving you a free $1,100 just for signing up and playing at their site!

In addition when you play at the real money cash tables at Bodog you will be awarded special frequent player points that can be used for entry into great satellites and big cash tournaments. When you earn over 2000 points in one month Bodog doubles your points! That means you get twice the rewards.

Just when you thought your luck was at its worst with a bad beat, you win the Bodog bad beat jackpot! You can win just for losing at Bodog.

Any time you hit a royal flush at Bodog on a real money cash table you will win 50x the big blind up to $200! That’s just money on top of the pot you win!

Bodog Poker Traffic Review

The traffic at Bodog isn’t that high, but it is consistent. You won’t have a problem finding a table at the micros or small stakes games, but once you get a bit higher than $2/$4 the games get a bit scarce. You will see tables though from players coming to grind out their free $1,100 Bodog deposit bonus!

Since most of the traffic is made up of the micro and small stakes games, the games are rather weak. A lot of players that you will see at the small stakes are players blowing the money that they won at the micros. For the most part the competition is weak and easy. The players that you see at the high stakes games will most likely be good competition because they are grinders who are simply trying to clear the bonus and move on.

Bodog Poker Sign Up

Right now is a great time to sign up for Bodog Poker whether you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran. Bodog Poker has a huge deposit bonus upon sign up and plenty of weak players for you to prey on. Why wait to get your free 110% on up to $1,100 first time Bodog Poker deposit bonus? You could use the free cash.

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