Mike Sexton

If you do not know Mike Sexton, then you must have been living under a rock in the past few years, or on another planet. Ok, just kidding 🙂

Maybe you do not know his name, but even if you only have a remote interest in poker then you must have seen him on TV as he has been hosting all World Poker Tour events from the beginning in 2002.

And these WPT shows are probably the most popular poker shows, so you must have seen some of them.

As a matter of fact Mike Sexton is the recognized face of the WPT, and he has contributed to its success with his enthusiastic and knowledgeable commentaries. Of course let us not forget Vince Van Patten who is co host with Mike, as shown on our logo at the top of the page.

Mike Sexton the poker player

And the main reason why Mike’s commentaries are so well informed is because Mike is himself a veteran poker player, and very good at that. He has been playing for decades and his total live poker tournament winnings exceed $3.8 million. He has had an incredible number of money finishes at the WSOP: 46.

And he finished 12th at the 2000 WSOP Main Event, an outstanding result in itself.

Mike has been playing poker for a long time, and to give an example of that he used to be a friend with legendary player Stu Ungar. He would hang out with him and other friends for dinner before a good game of cards.

This is the type of exposure very few have had, and this gives him the credentials to comment about the plays of the top players who reach WPT’s final tables.

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