Are you looking for high action games that don’t beat around the bush with heart stopping hands and not all of the waiting around for playable hands?

If so then you need to check out Full Tilt Poker’s new Rush Poker.

Rush Poker is a new system of poker where when you fold your hand the system will automatically move you to another table where you can instantly be dealt into a new hand right away! This means that there is no more waiting around for the hand to finish, so that you can get back in the action.

Any serious poker player knows that there is a lot of folding involved in playing good poker. There are a lot of hands that are just impossible to play and extract enough value from to make it worth it to play.

To make sure that you don’t lose value in these hands you need to just fold them. This leads to sitting around and waiting for the other junkies to get done with their hand.

This is also a lot of your time wasted that you are not even playing the game. Rush Poker eliminates this stress for good players because as soon as you fold your unplayable hand, you will instantly be seated at another table where a new hand is being dealt.

One of the best benefits of Rush Poker is that it will eliminate a lot of stress which in turn eliminates tilt from your game. When you tilt, you are playing the game improperly and more than likely losing money because of it.

With Rush Poker you will still make mistakes in many situations like you would before, but there is much less time in between to dwell over it and get yourself infuriated over it. Nearly every single player on every skill level tilts. Eliminating this from your game as much as possible will surely increase your win rate immensely. Also note that there are less tells.

Rush Poker is only available at Full Tilt Poker and there couldn’t be a better poker room to run this. Full Tilt Poker is the second largest online poker room in the world and offers a ton of competition and plenty of open Rush Poker tables always running.

Right now when you sign up for an account at Full Tilt Poker you will receive a 100% on up to $600 first time deposit bonus. That means that if you deposit $600 Full Tilt Poker will give you $600 just for playing at their room! This is a huge bonus for playing at one of the top poker rooms in the entire world!

Regardless of the type of poker player you are there is definitely a reason why you should be playing on Full Tilt Poker Rush Poker tables instead of whatever tables you are currently playing on! Get in where the action is at! Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker is way more exciting than normal poker and also offers tons more opportunities to earn great cash. What’s holding you back? Sign up for Full Tilt Poker now and start playing Rush Poker today!

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