Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton has the following recommendations if you want to play Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em Poker in a full ring game setup.

Many players do not know how to beat fixed limit texas holdem cash games. Knowing a strategy to beat limit holdem ring games will come in handy to make a solid profit hourly and build your bankroll. To beat limit holdem full ring cash games, you will need to play tight aggressive, loose aggressive, and make sure your opponents cannot read you preflop.

Playing Tight Aggressive

Playing tight starts with hand selection. You want a solid hand range to make sure you are leading preflop. Hands to play; AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 1010 as well as AK, AQ, AJ suited and off suit. Now you want to be aggressive with these hands.

AA, KK, and QQ you want to raise preflop, if someone raises before you then re-raise them, if someone re-raises someone’s raise before you, then re-raise the re-raise to cap it. JJ, 1010, AK, AQ, and AJ, you want to raise preflop. However, if someone raises before you then just call the raise.

Playing Loose Aggressive

Playing loose also starts with your hand selection. 99, 88, 77, as well as A10, A9, and A8, you want to add these into your hand selection to keep your opponents guessing your hand range. If you only played the hands above in the tight aggressive section, you would never get any action because your opponents will find you as an easy read. Now with these hands you want to raise preflop. However, the same as above if someone raise before you then just call the raise.

Now to make sure you are not playing too loose, you need to stay focused post flop. If you are holding a flush draw, then check or call to see the turn, and only check to see the river. This also goes for straight draws. If you are holding a pair with no ace on board, then push as hard as you can with raise after raise. However, keep your eye open for straights and flushes. Sometimes the player that is just calling in the hand is the one holding the nuts.

Percentage of Hands To Play

With this strategy, you should be playing less than 34% of your hands. Anything over that and you will be losing most of your hands. If you are over 34%, then only play the tight hand selection for a while. Your opponents will not notice until you are winning most of the hands you are playing.

Once this happen, you will be playing less than 30% of your hands and your opponents will be folding preflop a little too much. This mean they know your hand range and you need to add the loose hand selection back into your hand range.

Reading Your Opponents

Using this limit holdem full ring strategy, you wouldn’t need to read your opponents so much. I recommend that you read your opponents actions at the table though. Knowing the other players betting patterns can really come in handy deciding what to do in sticky spots and when to make a move like the float maneuver.

For example, if you know a player always bet on the turn when he has nothing and you are holding a straight but are afraid your opponent is holding that one card for a higher straight. Then that player checks on the turn and does not bet. This is some good information to have, because that player can be setting you up for a check-raise or waiting to raise you on the river. Knowing this you can just check it through to showdown. You save big blinds and could take down the pot with a straight. If you lose on the showdown, then you know your read was right about the player.

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